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Raw Materials & Resources 05.21.15

A Looming Zinc Deficit?

A supply shortage of zinc, which is used in many alloys and stainless steel, could be on the horizon for consumers and producers as two mines face impending closure, according to the Financial Times.

Innovation & Transformation 05.19.15

Modern Medicine and mRNA

A biotech company is developing treatments using mRNA that could potentially change how some diseases are treated, according to CNBC. Moderna Therapeutics, which recently was ranked No. 1 on CNBC’s list of the top 50 disruptor companies, is focused on providing mRNA molecules that act as instructors for human cells.

Innovation & Transformation 05.14.15

A Berry Good Robot

According to the Wall Street Journal, high-powered computers are using color sensors and small metal baskets attached to robotic arms to gently pluck ripe strawberries from plants while ignoring unripe berries nearby, potentially revolutionizing agriculture.

Global Rebalancing 05.12.15

Asia’s Next Trillionaire

During the next few years, Indonesia is set to join China, Japan and India as Asia’s next trillion-dollar economy, according to CNBC.