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Raw Materials & Resources 10.08.15

Sugar Turns Sour

Emerging market companies are suffering from China’s slowdown in commodities consumption, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Great American Companies 10.06.15

Microsoft World

Microsoft has reached a new level of partnership with China, both on a government and civilian level, according to The Wall Street Journal. The deals involve an agreement with a state-owned Chinese military technology association that opens doors to sensitive and official business within China’s complex technology market.

Global Rebalancing 10.02.15

A Bigger Boat

A significant rise in shipping capacity – due to the rise of so-called “megaships” – is beginning to cause problems for the global shipping industry, according to Reuters.

Global Rebalancing 09.29.15

Riding In Luxury

European luxury car makers are finding a growing audience for their cars in Vietnam, according to Financial Times. Sales of Mercedes Benz in Vietnam grew 43% in 2014, making it the second-fastest-growing global market for the car company. In addition, Rolls Royce and Bentley recently announced plans to open up car dealerships in the country.