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Raw Materials & Resources 11.24.15

Palm-y Weather

Palm oil production remains steady, according to the Wall Street Journal. Stockpiles are accumulating despite drought, fire and a smoky, choking haze that is smothering plantations across Malaysia and Indonesia – the world’s largest producers of the oil.

Innovation & Transformation 11.19.15

Robot To Aisle Five

If a robotics company has it their way, store shelves may never run low on products again. According to CNN Money, Simbe Robotics, a startup robotics company, has introduced a new inventory-tracking robot called Tally that is able to tell if a product is running low or has been put in the wrong place in stores.

Great American Companies 11.17.15

Emerging Economies, Smart Cells

Alphabet Inc.’s Google is entering the low-cost smartphone arena by launching a line in India, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Innovation & Transformation 11.12.15

Virtual(ly) Everywhere Soon

Virtual reality (VR) technology is making its way into more than just the video game industry, according to Bloomberg.