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Great American Companies 07.23.15

Reinventing Electricity

One beneficiary of utilities turning to alternative sources of energy could be Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors, according to Investor’s Business Daily.

Global Rebalancing 07.21.15

Hot Property in Poland

U.S. investors are putting big money into commercial real estate in Poland, according to the Wall Street Journal. The country’s commercial property markets have been very attractive due to its expanding economy and low real-estate prices.

Innovation & Transformation 07.16.15

Liquid Assets…Literally

Bank customers might do a double-take the next time they walk into their local branch because many branches could start looking more like high-end coffee shops. In response to changing consumer trends, some banks are converting their branches into “cafés,” where relationship bankers replace tellers and drinks replace deposit slips.

Innovation & Transformation 07.14.15

Genes That Fit

Researchers are exploring the idea of “gene editing” to treat disease, according to The Wall Street Journal.