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Great American Companies 07.02.15

What’s Up With Facebook?

What would a combination of Facebook “Messenger” and “WhatsApp” look like? Users of both services may soon find out, according to CNN Money.

Global Rebalancing 06.30.15

Tech Manufacturing and India

A major PC manufacturer is considering setting up shop in India, according to Reuters. Quanta Computer, Inc., based out of Taiwan, is evaluating options for shifting some of its operations from China to India.

Innovation & Transformation 06.25.15

The Virtual Reality Reality

A revolution is stirring within the gaming market that has attracted attention – and cooperation – from companies like Microsoft, Sony, Facebook, Samsung and Razer, according to Forbes.

Global Rebalancing 06.23.15

Cellular China

Xiaomi, a leading cellphone company in China, is looking to expand into other emerging markets, according to The Wall Street Journal. Expansion efforts are proving successful in India, where the company’s online offering of 40,000 cellphones sold out in 15 seconds when they were released earlier this year.