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The Ivy Asset Strategy team continued to further diversify the portfolio, while reducing its allocation to equities. Michael Avery and Ryan Caldwell, co-portfolio managers, believe it is prudent to take a step back on risk now and be a little more protective of capital and opportunistic with cash.

With the Ivy Global Income Allocation Fund recently marking its one-year anniversary since the Fund's mandate change, Portfolio Managers John Maxwell and Jeffery Surles share their perspectives on the current market environment and ensuing Fund positioning, and provide their outlook going forward.

The Ivy Asset Strategy Fund this year has revised its equities holdings from a highly concentrated portfolio to a broader mix of equities. The change reflects the portfolio managers’ economic and market outlook as well as the Fund’s flexibility and attention to risk management.

As developed and emerging economies around the globe struggle to overcome slow-growth trends, Portfolio Manager John Maxwell takes a look at the intricacies involved in uncovering and capturing key opportunities.

The Daniel J. Vrabac and Mark G. Beischel, co-portfolio managers of the Ivy Global Bond Fund take a look at several of the issues in the international fixed income market.

Entering 2013, the Ivy Asset Strategy Fund held a heavy weighting in U.S. and foreign equities. Changes in equity market fundamentals as the first quarter got under way have caused the Fund’s managers to begin adjusting their approach to asset allocation while maintaining that focus on equities.